General Awareness Questions: If you are preparing for any exam, then it is very important to have strong general knowledge. These days things related to general knowledge are asked in the interviews of most of the recruitment examinations. Especially in UPSC interviews, there is a lot of emphasis on these types of questions.

1- Question: What is such a thing, which comes for just Rs 500 and we sit and eat for the rest of our life?
Answer: Chair.

2- Question: Which is such a vitamin, which helps in wound healing?
Answer: Vitamin-C.

3- Question: Which country is called the father of the game of cricket?
Answer: England is called the father of the game of cricket.

4- Question: Which state of the country is called the Kohinoor of India?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh is called the Kohinoor of the country.

5- Question: Which is the largest bird of the country?
Answer: The stork is the largest bird of the country.

Question: What is the name of the first color film made in India?
Answer: Kishan Kanhaiya was the first color film of India.

7- Question: In which country do people eat earthen bread?
Answer: Congo is such a country where bread made of clay is eaten.

8- Question: There is such a creature, whose tongue is twice more than its body?
Answer: A chameleon’s tongue is twice as long as its body.

9- Question: Which state of India is surrounded by Bangladesh on all three sides?
Answer: Tripura.

10- Question: Which thing does not leave us till death?
Answer: Our past.

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